Events Audio


Your delegates are busy people and being able to revisit what they learned at your conference is priceless. But sifting through copious notes and slideshows, demands time and their undivided attention.

This is where the power of the podcast shines through. It allows those who attended, those who couldn't make it and the host organisation, to enjoy the best of your conference, anytime - while driving, walking, commuting or even doing the housework.

Events On Air works with conference organisers to identify key presenters to be interviewed. The professionally edited and crafted information is then delivered in a choice of audio formats to suit delegates and the organisation.

Full length programs

These broadcast quality programs package up the best of your conference. Presenters will host a podcast, which includes all the elements of a professional talk radio program, including -

  • Program introduction, links and conclusion

  • Interviews with key presenters

  • Stings and program branding

  • Vox Pops from delegates

  • Sponsor messages

Extended Feature Interviews

Stand alone interviews with presenters and speakers, which can be used in a variety of ways. They feature a logical line of questioning exploring the most important parts of speakers presentations.

Audio Newsletter

Mini programs for multi-day conferences, which deliver the best content from each day, while promoting program highlights for the following day. This will keep delegates engaged, informed and invigorated across the conference schedule.

Live streaming from the Conference

Live to air interviews conducted at your conference, which can be streamed from your choice of social media platform. These can be either video or audio.

Business man listening to podcast

Click for an example of a full length program

Click for an example of an extended feature interview