Events On Air goes LIVE!

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

There is nothing like going to a conference, full of inspiring speakers and like minded individuals, where for a few hours or days you are immersed in a space of learning and sharing.

After you leave, you scramble through your frantically scribbled notes, perhaps even wade through hours of recorded speeches (if they're available), to try and find those important take-away points.

Perhaps you want to share what you learned with colleagues or friends, perhaps you need to deliver a presentation on your return to work.

What would make that task easier, and the whole conference experience more valuable, would be if you could hear those speakers again, deliver their key messages in a concise, digestible and free flowing manner.

That's where Events On Air can help.

We are passionate South Australian broadcasters who extend the life of conferences for organisers, while adding value for delegates, by capturing the essence of the event through audio and video interviews with key speakers.

Recorded in our mobile audio-visual conference studio, our experienced journalists will produce high quality, informative, expertly crafted material for you to listen and watch again anytime.

Not only will you get to revisit speakers key messages, but you may just learn something more about them or their topic, along the way. Every interview is well researched and tailored to suit the needs of the event and client.

Not only will delegates benefit, but conference organisers will have professionally produced interviews with keynote speakers, to use on social media and in marketing and promotional material.

Events On Air has had a great response since quietly launching late in 2017 and showcasing what we do at the Adelaide Convention Bureau industry event.

We are looking forward to making our mark and connecting with like minded businesses, and bring a whole new concept to the conference sector.


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