Targeted Podcasts

Events On Air ‘Targeted Podcasts’ let your stakeholders/clients/customers gain a greater insight to announcements and complex issues through extended interviews with our professional broadcasters.

Our studio format interviews present announcements or issues in a transparent manner, providing the opportunity for your organisation to address concerns in detail and set the facts straight.

Our one-on-one interviews allow stakeholders to feel their concerns are being voiced by the interviewer and addressed in the considered detail that is only possible by the longer format of podcast. The intimacy of a studio interviews helps garner trust and allay concerns.

Podcasts enable clients to develop a direct connection with those they wish to influence. This is a space for clients to deliver their message, not have it reinterpreted by a journalist and then further filtered by a sub editor.  Events on Air works directly with you and your communications team to help deliver your key information.

Our mobile studio comes to you or the location of your choice for maximum expediency and so you are at ease to deliver your message.

You’ll be surprised how quickly and cheaply you can incorporate this direct rapport with your stakeholders into your current communications strategy.


Click to play an example of a Targeted Podcast